CCSHOP is a multi-brand concept stocking the newest ready-to-wear and accessories trends from leading European brands. A go-to place for the freshest styles off the runway or on the street, CCSHOP offers a multitude of seasonal fashion and accessories, with a consistent focus on updating core and fashion staples.

Stationed in the center of APAC market populated with mobile-first and digital-savvy fashionistas, CCSHOP takes advantage of its huge customer and fan base across Asia, using various online channels to recruit and engage with new and existing members. Social commerce, in particular, plays a critical role in supporting customer relationship. This innovative business approach has been proven effective by way of regular one-on-one communication through the CC CLUB database consisting of over 1.5 million members in Asia-Pacific region. CCSHOP’s success also lies in the well-established WeChat store where responsive contents are made available every day to feed the appetite of fashionistas of all ages and styles.